Cloud Terrace Farm

Our farm is located at the west edge of Palisade, Colorado, where the Colorado River exits the west side of the Rocky Mountains. This area is renowned for peaches and wine grapes. Four wineries are within sight of our farm and peach orchards surround it. The same fertile soil and climate that produce this quality fruit is ideal for our lavender. The high elevation of the area contributes to fragrant lavender and the resulting essential oil which we distill on our farm.

The farm was platted as "Mount Lincoln Fruit Farm" in 1906 and we purchased it in 2004. Until 2015 we grew peaches and sold them at the local farmers market. In 2008 we started planting lavender as an alternative crop and we have expanded the lavender field each year.

A large barn was built and stills to produce essential oil have been added. We grow, process and package all our lavender products on our farm. Therefore, our essential oil is "distiller-direct" to our customers.